A Tribute to Dick Cole

dick-cole-2008You will see, in the column at the left, that the “Gather­ings” began in 1993. At that time, we thought that it was a one-​time event, which was held in nort­hern Peta­luma. I had no idea that the group had started up again by Dick Cole and some others who had attended the first event. Gathering 1999 shows the Geezer group at a restau­rant in Sonoma, Dick’s home­town. As the atten­dance grew, the restau­rant could no longer hold us. The park in Corte Madera became an easier loca­tion for the crowd.

Through the years, Dick Cole was able to share his water­color pain­tings with the commer­cial art and the fine art commu­ni­ties.

This, below, is a collection of Dick Cole’s pain­tings that appeared as the 2008 calendar for the Bank of Marin. For several years, the calen­dars were offered to the Bank of Marin’s account holders. Each year, Dick would remove one of the twelve and add a new pain­ting from a loca­tion in Marin County. The year that the bank was no longer presen­ting this beau­tiful calendar, I took this 2008 calendar and kept using it by finding the month with the correct sequence of days and I’d stick on a note where I printed the current month—so I could keep seeing Dick’s pain­tings. At one of our Geezer picnics, I told Dick that I did this-—I got one of his wonderful smiles.

We will miss seeing any more new pain­tings with Dick Cole’s deft touch.
We will miss his jovial wit. We will miss his friendship.




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