Al Davidson

Geezers Gallery 50
Al Davidson

Freshman year, Pratt Insti­tute, NYC
Grad. Cooper Union, NYC
Served mili­tary in Korea.
Art Dir., Compton Adv, NYC and LA
Young and Rubicam Adv. in LA
Head Art Dept., Classic Press San Rafael
Art Dir., Motor­land Mag (AAA)
Retired in 1998
Continue displaying and selling art on wkends in Bay Area parks
[SF Society of Fine Art]
and juried shows beyond.

Al Davidson, geezer

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2 thoughts on “Al Davidson”

  1. John Kelly says:

    Al hired me several times to photo­graph for Motor­land Mag, and to force the printer to get the color right (was that Carlisle?).

    A great guy, I loved working for him ! One of those ADs (like several from Y&R) who denied he was a “wrist” because that would lead away from a good salary and the ability to hire other artists.

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