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Peter Thompson
I shared a studio with Jim Blakeley in SF from 1975 until 1982 and shot adver­ti­sing. Worked with Bruce Wolfe, Keehn Gray was a friend, and partied with almost ever­yone on the list . . . now living the good life in Maui, Hawaii.


Geezers Gallery 52

Bill and Nina Stewart

I worked mostly as an art director for various ad agen­cies in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Fran­cisco as well as some stints of free­lan­cing along the way.

My first art job was with Douglas Aircraft in LA as a Tech. Illus­trator while atten­ding Art Center School in Holly­wood. Even though it was a summer job, I still have many fond memo­ries of my time at Douglas for some reason. Tom Gleason was my mentor at the time. I think we worked several summers at Douglas. After work we would always go body surfing at a near by beach. After art school, we started out in Seattle.

My first job was with Container Corpo­ra­tion of America as a designer in their Design Lab. Nina was free­lan­cing doing edito­rial illus­tra­tion and ad design for Arthur Morgan Inte­riors. Later, I worked as art director for two ad agen­cies in Seattle, Cole & Webber and Bots­ford, Constan­tine, and Gardner. BC&G later moved its head­quar­ters to San Fran­cisco and merged with its S.F. office, later to become Bots­ford, Ketchum. At that time I worked prima­rily on the Olympia Beer account. Nina’s free­lance work included package illus­tra­tion for Repu­blic of Tea, Sunrise Home Inte­riors, story illus­tra­tions for Trave­lers Tales book series. After BC&G I joined with Kelly Nason Adver­ti­sing, (Coors Beer) Chris­tian Brot­hers Marke­ting Services, and Flair Commu­ni­ca­tions (Dole Foods and Chris­tian Brot­hers) We still do a bit of free­lan­cing along with pain­ting and some print­ma­king …..and still going to school, taking art classes at College of Marin.

Bill and Nina Stewart
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