Jerry Huff

Jerry Huff

A year ago I was still pain­ting water­co­lors of the Pacific Northwest (typical example ablove) in and from my studio on the Fraser River in Vancouver. I had a show that was a modest success with the sale of 30 pieces in the 3 day event. After the show I found myself unable to paint yet another water­color of a Northwest scene.

The BP oil spill was n the news so I swit­ched to acry­lics and did some envi­ron­ment pieces. The elections followed and I’ve had some fun with poli­tical events.

Working with acry­lics has been libe­ra­ting because it’s easy to mix in other mateials like, broom straws, feat­hers, leaves and things I cut out from maga­zines and news­pa­pers.

Maybe when the world gets nicer I’ll go back to watercolor…stayed tuned.

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Jerry Huff

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