Gene Hoffman

Gene Hoffman

Born in Penn­syl­vania in 1933, Gene Hoffman taught him­self design and worked as an art director at an adver­ti­sing agency until 1954. Gene Hoffman was wor­king in San Fran­cisco as a free-​lance artist in the early 1960s.

Here, he is shown in a 1962 issue of the “Galley West”, the news­paper of the Art Direc­tors and Artist Club of San Fran­cisco. (Note : “Galley West”, a “galley”—as some of us well remember—was a first proof of copy when type was set in metal. This print on newsprint paper, 7″ wide, was for proof-​reading and sizing only…before the clean, clay-​based print for paste-​up was reque­sted.)

Gene Hoffman was an award win­ning artist with Gold Medals from the New York Society of Illus­tra­tors, the Art Direc­tors Club of Denver, Okla­homa City, Phoenix, and Dallas /​Ft.Worth…in addi­tion to his art­work being fea­tured on nati­onal maga­zine covers. Those who remember Gene, would say that Gene spoke a lot…on many sub­jects… and with much humor. His illus­tra­tions in ink or paint, soon moved to a style that that no longer needed trips to Flax art supply store (at that time, at Bush and Mont­go­mery streets). He was fin­ding his medium, his palette, ever­y­w­here ! While pro­du­cing a great many col­lages, Gene moved to Colo­rado and taught at Uni­ver­sity of Nort­hern Colo­rado, spre­a­ding his ent­hu­siasm to many years of art stu­dents. One of his stu­dents, designer, Sara Jacobs (Shablingo), received this com­ment on her web­site after she wrote about Gene’s graphic design class.

Gene’s wife, Sue Turn­gate wrote :
I was mar­ried to Gene for 25 years. He cared so much about his stu­dents, and yep, took it per­so­nally when folks were not engaged. And when stu­dents were engaged, he was very devoted. I’m still in touch with a number of his former stu­dents. At some point, I’d like to find a home for Gene’s art. After he passed away in 2005, there were a few more exhi­bits of his work – bur really, it would be won­derful for more people to get to expe­rience it.

Below are some exam­ples of Gene’s early work and a few of his assem­blages.

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  1. Sue Tungate says:

    – cool… I just now found this page. I am wor­king with Gene’s former stu­dent and designer, Tara Jacobs (Shablingo), to get a web­site up for Gene’s art. Over the years, he regaled me with San Fran­cisco sto­ries, a place that had a big place in his heart. Miss him a lot ! Happy to be in touch with folks who knew Gene – Sue

  2. Hey You says:

    Where are you located ? Are you in con­tact with ellen ?

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