Gene Tepper’s Manhattan Walkabout

It is a plea­sure to announce Manhattan Walk­a­bout by Gene Tepper is now avail­able as an epub (that’s a digital book on a tablet, smart phone or computer using an e-​reader for those who don’t know.) Holy Cow ! Who would of thought someone who used to spec type for setting on a lino­type machine just uploaded the file. Avail­able from Amazon and Barns & Nobel and iBooks.

Piet Halber­stadt, March 21, 2014

It is a great plea­sure to post the avail­ability of Gene’s Book Manhattan Walk­a­bout. Gene passed this year before he could finally see it in print, but I told him it would be done and here it is. As i read it I hear him speaking and it makes my heart glad in so many ways. AND they are wonderful memo­ries full of New York City and San Fran­cisco with people you may have known or heard about.

Piet Halber­stadt, November 2013

Manhattan Walk­a­bout, by Gene Tepper

Manhattan-Walkabout500x733It was a time of great danger. The Merchant Marine in World War II was respon­sible for trans­porting supplies and personnel to Allied forces around the world. The Merchant Marine had the highest casu­alty rate of any service. Set against this looming reality are five coming-​of-​age stories as author, artist and designer Gene Tepper recalls his days as a young Merchant Marine Cadet and Deck Officer. They include evoca­tive tales of the art world in New York and New Orleans, wartime in Italy and the Middle East. First hand descrip­tions of life at sea : Training on an old-​line sailing vessel, a grim depar­ture among massed convoys in New York Harbor, unex­pected fun on a Suez canal passage and at war’s end his ship’s exuberant arrival in San Fran­cisco.

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