Right From The Newspaper, 1968 To 1970s.

For all of these years, I have kept these actual ads. One was for I. Magnin and the rest were for J. Magnin. Up to a point in time, most news­paper and other publi­ca­tion art in the San Fran­cisco Bay Area was assigned to the local artists.

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Only recently, I discov­ered that at least the two above are not by a San Fran­cisco artist because they are the style of the talented fashion designer and illus­trator, Celine Hunter. She illus­trated for Joseph Magnin, from her home in Helotes, Texas.

This I Magnin illus­tra­tion and these JM illus­tra­tions may be by an artist here in the Bay Area, but there are no signa­tures.
Artists unknown, below.

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One thought on “Right From The Newspaper, 1968 To 1970s.”

  1. L.Justice says:

    Loved the two illus­tra­tions by Celine Hunter for Joseph Magnin. I have several pieces of her orig­inal art and several pages from the Retail Adver­tising Week, Gold Cup Edition featuring Joseph Magnin. I worked at Frost Bros. Adver­tising in the late 60s, early 70s. Lots of talented illus­tra­tors and Celine’s art would arrive pack­aged and ready to be sent to the paper, since she worked at home. Two of the illus­tra­tors at Joseph Magnin and I think they were all good friends were Marlon and Brenda Chapman. One or more of the illus­tra­tions may be by them. If you could contact Celine’s brother, Richard Fielden, who was also a shoe illus­trator for Frost Bros, you may be able to iden­tify the artists.

    Regards, L.Justice

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