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Foster & Keiser — Caleb Whit­beck
Sunset Maga­zine — Bill Cheney, Norm Gordon
Pacific Litho — Dick Vrooman, Fred Lieberman
Carlisle Prin­ting — Bob Wolfe, Ed Hamilton
Wells Fargo — Jack Fagen, Sarah Petrilla
Container Corp. — Bill Carson, Gunter Mohr
Travel & Leisure — Ad Taylor
The SF Examiner — Tom King
Kaiser Graphic Arts — Price Burlin­game, Jack Galliano, Jim Sanford, John Larecq, Norm Nicholson,George Whittmer, Morie Fetzer, Jim Stockton
San Fran­cisco Maga­zine — 1965- Adrian Taylor, Jack Allen
Contact Maga­zine — 1965 -Evan S. Connell, Jr., Adrian Taylor, Irene Kaus, Jack Allen
Liver­more Labs — Tom Gleason
Fireman’s Fund — Al Wortman
Joseph Magnin Co. — George Coutts, Marget Larsen, Betty Brader Ashley, Joan Lowell, Diana Robinson Creber, Verena Du Pree
Crown /​Zeller­bach — Mark Atchley
Brown Vint­ners — David Reid
Fromm & Sichel, Inc. The Chris­tian Brot­hers — Paul S. Lessig
Folger’s — Walter Smith
The SF Chro­nicle — Tony Calvello
Cali­fornia State Auto Asso­ci­a­tion /​Motor­land Maga­zine (AAA) — Jack Harold, Al Davidson
Academy of Art — Richard Stephens, Dave Sanchez, Dick Moore, Jim Sanford, Keith Carlson
San Fran­cisco Chamber of Commerce /​San Fran­cisco Busi­ness Maga­zine — Tom Watson
Scope Exhi­bits Inc. — David Alcorn
Ramparts Maga­zine — Dugald Stermer, Newell Alex­ander
Commu­ni­ca­tion Arts Maga­zine — Newell Alex­ander

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