Geezers Gallery 49

Joel Fugaz­zotto, Copy­writer

Tele­vi­sion, radio, print, epitaphs, I’ve written them all. Two-​name, three-​name, four-​name agen­cies, my kitchen cabinet’s full of their coffee mugs. I’ve worked with the greats, the near greats, the ingrates. I was born, raised and cut my adver­tising teeth in Chicago ; my baby teeth at Tatham, Laird & Kudner, my incisors at Leo Burnett. Ketchum bought me to San Fran­cisco, JWT, FCB and Riney have kept me here. I have been called the greatest adver­tising writer in the country and my mother refuses to back down from that state­ment. But, if nothing else, remember this : my last name gets me the best tables at Italian and Japanese restau­rants.

Read my blog “Where Egos Fly” at : http://​www​.copy​stylist​.com