Reps for Printers, Type, Artists, Photog­ra­phers, & more
Murray Hunt — Spartan Typographers
Jim McGlynn — Spartan Typographers
Joe Kristan — Reardon & Krebs Typographers
David Heckin­lively — Butler Paper
Tom Peacock — Blake, Moffit & Towne
Gale McKee — Artworks
Jan Collier — Artists: Chuck Eckart and others
Dick Danner — Artists: John Larecq, Tom Kamifugi and others.
Barb Hauser — Artists: Larry Duke, Bruce Wolfe and some others
Ralph Parsons — Bunny Carter, Larry Duke, Chuck Eckart, Randy Grochoske, Stephen Osborn, Craig Simpson, Dugald Stermer
Eliz­a­beth McBride — Artist: Bill Shields
Scott McBride — Artists : Rex Simmoms, Ann Thompson, Kirsten Sinclair and more
Denise Shields — Artists, Photograpers: Bill Shields, Chuck Weckler and more
Ron Sweet — Patterson & Hall, Illus­tra­tors, Photographers
Ellis Berry — Land­phere & Associates
Verne Leib­brandt — Land­phere & Associates
Don McKee — Land­phere & Associates
Roger Sheridan — Land­phere & Associates
Wally Sommers — Land­phere & Associates
Jim Faulkner — Copy Service
Byron McGraw — Copy Service
Dave McGraw — Copy Service
Betsy Hillman — Photog­ra­phers and Illustrator
Peggy Hamik — Photog­ra­phers and Illustrators
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