Photo­graphic Studios, Photog­ra­phers, and Assis­tants

Jack Allen
Kurt Andersen
Robert Arnold
Laurence Bartone
Karl Bauer
Barry Becker
Morton Beebe
Bruce Bishop
Jim Blakeley
John Blaustein
Lee Blod­gett
Ernest Braun
Jon Bren­neis
Jerry Burchard
Bruce Camp­bell
Armando Diaz
Ed Dickey
Bob Dolman
Gordon Emberly
Art Gold­stein
Dennis Gray
Keehn Gray

Milton (Hal) Halber­stadt
Hans Halber­stadt
Piet Halber­stadt (assis­tant)
Carl Harleen
Terry Heffernan
Dennis Hodgson
John Jensen
Larry Keenan Jr.
Tom King
George Knight
Alan Kros­nick
Bruce Lauritzen
Hal Lauritzen
Richard Leech
Rudy Legname
Fred Lyon
Ted Mahieu
Elmer Moss
Tom Moulin
Steve Rahn
Alan Ross
Bill Schwob
George Selland
Don Shapiro
Jerry Sharpe
Craig Simpson
Bob Skelton

Dale Wilson Smith
Loren Smith
Gregg Snazelle
Blair Stapp
Hugo Stec­catti
Bob Stohmeyer
Elke Stolzen­berg
Dean Stone
Walter Swarthout
Fred Sweger
Peter Thompson
David Tise
Tom Vano
Charles Weckler
Jon Wells
Rick White
Dorothy and Frank Williams
Earl Wood
Ed Zak

Photo Stylests
Ramona Ambrozic
Maggie Waldron
Bunny Carter

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  1. patricia ziegler says:

    I’m trying to reach Ed Zak to get his permis­sion to use a photo of his in a memoir. Can you help ?

  2. Shira Kronzon says:


    I’m trying to reach Ted Mahieu to get permis­sion to use his photo. Can you help ? Thanks. Online contact info I could find seems to be defunct.

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