Here we have a great source of commu­ni­cation and a great collection!

We have:
 — a list of Geezers that are presently receiving our mailings
 — photos from our past annual “Get-togethers” and other group gatherings
 — a list of our creative friends who have passed and left their lega­cies of creative work and friendships

Also, “places we like”:
 — “Commu​ni​ty​ofCre​atives​.com” was created by Piet Halberstadt…
(to whom we owe so many thanks for creating this blog, Geezers​Gallery​.com for us!)
Piet and his brothers Hans and Erik grew up witnessing the “Golden Age of Adver­tising in the San Fran­cisco Bay Area” while assisting their father in “Hal’s” studio. Piet now lives and works in New York City. (He and I have been emailing across the US for months.)
Like us, Piet acknowl­edges “commer­cial art” as an equal with the “fine art” that was produced in the San Fran­cisco Bay Area from 1945 to 1970.
If you have favorite samples (a few or a lot) that repre­sent your talents in those days and can send a bio (short or long) to Piet, he will do all of the “eye-rolling” coding that it takes to include you in his “commu­nity of creatives”. [If the sample shows your part in a team effort (copy, type, image)…all credits can be listed.]
This offer is open, also, to the fami­lies who can honor the works of artists who have passed.

Any ques­tions that you may have please reach Piet by writing a message via this email link: commu­nity of creatives​.com

I will repre­sent your current talent.
Piet will repre­sent your past talent.

We hope to hear from you,

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