A visit to Albert Dorne

This story ran orig­i­nally in Todays Inspiration.

This expe­ri­ence occurred around 1946 – 47‑I was just back from the Army in Europe and enrolled at Pratt Insti­tute. I had the chutzpah to call Albert Dorne to request a visit. He was very kind and invited me to his studio located in mid town Manhattan. It boggled my mind and though I can’t remember the details I shall never forget upon entering the studio, in the foyer were dozens of beau­tiful framed works of many of the famous artists of the time. The actual studio was huge and luxu­rious with a large skylight, more framed pictures, a pool table, a large tabouret and drawing board. He was extremely gracious and kind when I showed him my port­folio and generous in his crit­i­cism and advice. At one point a gorgeous blonde lady came in and he intro­duced her to me. I can’t remember if she was his wife, friend or model. All I could think was that this was the life! (I learned recently that she was a good friend who handled his finan­cial affairs). Mr Dorne was a giant in the industry and a wonderful person to take the time for a youngster.

Best regards

Dave Broad