Body Comedy

In my career as a design/illustrator (someone deemed that a D/I was a cartoonist with an ego) I was approached by an author who wanted to publish a book of poetic snippets based on excerpts from Gulliver’s Travels and he needed a cartoonist to create little characters interacting with photographs of people sans clothes. For example, a photo of a body part with a little character sitting on a finger or a buttock or whatever. He requested that I help him interview models to find the perfect body. I reluctantly said I would, got permission from my wife and off we went. The model agency was a little leery about the project but they finally furnished us with several possible choices. It was rather easy choosing as all were viable for the venture. The author at this point thought male figures should be included but I allowed I had other pressing matters and that he and his photographer should make the decision. All went rather well and we had to choose a picture for the cover. I suggested we should use the picture of the large breast with the small man sitting on the nipple. The author preferred a more intellectual example but realized my choice was more pragmatic. The book did rather well but was ignored by the Pulitzer prize committee.

David Broad

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