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Preserving the Visual History of the Printed Word A.K.A. print​ing​films​.com

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Printing Films is a site for those of us who love type, printing and its history.

I stole all this copy and made grabs from the movies that are shown on the site. Go spend some time at a place of memo­ries. Maybe the smell of printer’s ink will come to mind.

Print​ing​Films​.com is a collec­tion of vintage films that show­case the tech­nolo­gies and processes of printing, jour­nalism, and typog­raphy. It was estab­lished by Doug Wilson in 2012 after his work as director of Lino­type: The Film.

The collec­tion started when Doug was given a box of 16mm Lino­type promo­tional films by Dave Seat for digi­ti­za­tion. In 2013, Carl Schlesinger (a former Lino­type oper­ator at The New York Times) donated his exten­sive collec­tion of films to The Museum of Printing which assisted in the preser­va­tion of these films in 2015.

This film was created by the Inter­na­tional Typo­graphic Union to encourage their members to become more comfort­able with the new “Cold Type” tech­nology revo­lu­tion­izing the type­set­ting industry.

Starting with an expla­na­tion of the hot‐metal process, they feature the Inter­type Foto­setter and then go through the entire photo‐composition process. The film shows camera work, strip­ping, chem­ical devel­op­ment, and paste‐up. It ends with an aerial view of the ITU building in Colorado Springs, CO.

You and the World of Print” — 1976 — 19:02

“Where does print come from?” is the ques­tion asked at the begin­ning of the film and it attempts to show the process of printing from tress to final product. Using a few of the Kimberly‐Clark Corpo­ra­tion “Graphic Commu­ni­ca­tions Through the Ages” series of oil paint­ings, the film shows the history and tech­no­log­ical improve­ments of printing.

A simple expla­na­tion of offset‐lithography is given along with views of large, web presses, bindery tech­niques, and paper making. Created by the Printing Indus­tries Asso­ci­a­tion of Texas, the film ends with a pitch for people to join the printing industry and get jobs that will even­tu­ally become high‐paying and skilled.

See more at Print​ing​Films​.com

David Grove

[column width=“318px” padding-right=“10px”][/column][column width=“420px” padding=“0px”]David Grove is an illus­trator whose work is commis­sioned by a wide range of corpo­rate, adver­tising, film, and publishing clients. Orig­i­nally from Philadel­phia, he began working as a free‐lance illus­trator in France and England and later moved to San Fran­cisco where he now resides. His work has won numerous awards and has been exhib­ited in San Fran­cisco, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

David Grove client list includes: Amer­ican Airlines, Stan­dard Oil, Time Warner, United States Navy, General Motors, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Walt Disney, ARCO, Goodyear, Indi­anapolis 500, Pendelton Woolen Mills, Mercedes‐Benz of North America, National Foot­ball League Prop­er­ties Inc., Ballan­tine Books Inc., Bantam Books Inc., Penguin USA, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Auto­mo­bile Maga­zines.

Society of Illus­tra­tors

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(between Park and Lexington Avenues)
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Tel: (212) 8382560
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On display in the Third Floor Hall of Fame Gallery.[/column]

Ward Schumaker has shows in NYC, NY – Nashville, TN& Washington, DC

Iden­tity Papers | O K Harris Gallery | New York
Opening Saturday 29 October 2011 3 – 5pm

Ivan Karp of O K Harris offered me a show after seeing my mixed‐media works in the book Iden­tity Papers. These are small pieces, 10” tall x 6” wide, made up of sketches, hand‐cut paper callig­raphy, Unlike most of my paint­ings, many contain elements of recog­niz­able imagery. I am very pleased to be showing in a gallery with such a rich and impor­tant history.

Ivan Karp served as co‐director of Leo Castelli Gallery from 1959 – 1969, during which time he was instru­mental in launching the careers of pop artists Andy Warhol, Roy Licht­en­stein, Robert Rauschen­berg, Claes Olden­burg, Tom Wessel­mann and John Cham­ber­lain. In 1969, Ivan broke away to launch his own gallery, O K Harris. OK Harris was among the first to exhibit the work of Duane Hanson, Deborah Butter­field, Manny Farber, Richard Petti­bone, Robert Bechtle, Malcolm Morley, Arman, and others.
My wife, Vivi­enne Flesher, and I look forward to attending the opening, 3 – 5 pm, Saturday, 29 October.
The show remains up until 03 December.
O K Harris | 383 West Broadway | Gallery D | New York, NY

Geog­raphy Lessons | Zeit­geist | Nashville
Opening Thursday 03 November 2011 5 – 8pm

Zeit­geist Gallery in Nashville will mount a show of my work, Geog­raphy Lessons, during the month of November.
Zeit­geist has been very kind, giving me one of my first shows, Grace, in 2005, and including me in a number of its group shows. This exhibit consists of ten paint­ings and three hand‐made books. My wife and I look forward to attending the opening, 5 – 8 pm, Thursday, 03 November.
The show remains up until 17 December.
Zeit­geist Gallery | 1819 21st Avenue South | Nashville, TN

Sight and Iden­tity | Stanford‐in‐Washington | Wash­ington, DC
25 October 2011 to 22 January 2012

My illus­trated version of Paris France by Gertrude Stein appeared in the Seeing Gertrude Stein Five Stories exhibit at San Francisco’s Contem­po­rary Jewish Museum and will now move to Wash­ington, DC, to appear in Insight and Iden­tity, Contem­po­rary Artists and Gertrude Stein, at Stanford‐in‐Washington. Beside the book itself, my portrait of Ms. Stein will appear, silkscreened, on the wall of the gallery where the book will be on display.
The limited edition letter­press book was published and is avail­able from The Yolla Bolly Press, Covelo, Cali­fornia.

Stanford‐in‐Washington | 2661 Connecticut Avenue, NW | Wash­ington, DC