Into North Beach, San Francisco

Only a half of a block north of what was the Monkey Block (now the loca­tion of Transamerica Pyramid) is the Belli Building— the loca­tion of my one-year of employ­ment by the Butte, Herrero and Hyde. Here is their mailing piece that announced their new loca­tion after they moved from 488 Pine Street. Bruce Butte’s illus­tra­tion shows their second floor studio. Bill Hyde’s script at the bottom reads:
722 Mont­gomery Street, San Fran­cisco Birth­place of Freema­sonry in Cali­fornia 1849.
Room 22 occu­pied by Butte, Herrero & Hyde, August !, !960. Commu­ni­cate vocally by wire. Yukon 1 0373

722 Mont­gomery Street, San Francisco

In the year that I was there (March of 1964 to April of 1965), BH&H’s client, Fore­most, wanted a novelty “hand out” for their customers. It was a compli­cated design for the part­ner­ship to plan and accomplish.
Again, this was with Bruce’s illus­tra­tions and Bill’s lettering.

(When I scanned this printed piece, closed, no problem — but scan­ning it to show all of the doors opened (a photo didn’t show it well) this was tricky.

Also here are cards for the holiday season, all designed and lettered by Bill Hyde. The last one is 12.5 inches in diam­eter. By putting three together, each folded verti­cally and glued with the folds together- — they became a deco­ra­tive ornament.