That’s not the way is was

Having worked in seven agen­cies from the mid 50s to the late 80s as a copy­writer, creative director and Pres­i­dent, I find the adver­tising busi­ness as depicted in Mad Men wholly foreign to my expe­ri­ence. For example, I never ever saw a single bottle of hooch on premises (we did our drinking off-site). Come the 60s writers and art direc­tors wouldn’t be caught dead in a tie much less a suit (unless visiting a client). Except for Exec­u­tive Art Direc­tors, Creative Direc­tors and the odd Copy Group Head, creatives were housed in unim­posing cubi­cles. Whoever praised Mad Men for it’s histor­ical accu­racy” never visited the thirty or forty agen­cies I was familiar with. It was/is a fun busi­ness, but not that much fun! 

Samm Coombs