1970 Anti War Project

In early 1970s I was a writer at McCann-Erickson Adver­tising Agency. The Agency was asked to create a Pro Bono Anti-Vietnam project for Clergy and Laymen Concerned. The Creative Dept. submitted adver­tising against the War in Vietnam. I wrote a full page print ad that ran in the Chron­icle, N.Y. Times, etc. The head­line said Our Govern­ment’s Peace Plan is a Bomb…with a slogan that read End the Endless War.

I also created a radio and tele­vi­sion commer­cial featuring Direc­tion by Haskell Wexler and actor Henry Fonda’s Voice Over. We recorded Henry Fonda in the billiard-room of his house. When we first drove to his house Henry Fonda greeted us in his front yard wearing jeans and gardening gloves. He said he was doing some “weeding”.

At one point during the recording of the commer­cials, Mr. Fonda commented on the script, saying, “Jane should talk more like this when she talks about the War”.

Later, Haskell Wexler said he was hearing too much noise on the recording. We went to Mr. Fonda’s deck which over­looked the U.C.L.A. campus below and saw mili­tary heli­copters and tear gas smoke across the Univer­sity below. We patiently waited until the Anti-Vietnam Student Protest ended before contin­uing to film our Anti-Vietnam radio and tele­vi­sion commercials.

This is the submis­sion I made to KQED. They didn’t use it…but, it does seem to be appro­priate for Geezers.

Todd Miller