United Airlines 1950s San Francisco


United Airlines – San Fran­cisco, CA

In the late 1940s, I took a great number of photographs of famous people mostly arriving and departing on United’s Aircraft.

In the 1950s, they built a new main­te­nance facility at SFO ATO. It was located north of the present terminal about a mile. It could take apart and repair all moving parts of an aircraft and engine. Several hundred people were employed. I think it was the largest facility of it’s kind in the world.

While cleaning out my old files, I came upon this picture, which was one of the most unusual assign­ments ever given to me and a unique chal­lenge of my career.

They wanted an impres­sive photo­graph to show some of their equip­ment and personnel. This is the picture I put together. I thought you might like to see it.

Bob Skelton of Skelton Photog­raphy, San Fran­cisco, CA

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