Geezers Gallery 51

Allan and Carol Hayes

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And a 100% authentic candid snapshot of us on our way home from the Southwest.


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I have to confess that my Geezership has been honored more in its absence rather than by its observance, but I actually do continue to geez forward, even though I never manage to make the reunions (which always seem to conflict with wedding anniversaries, family birthdays and so forth). Since you asked for a website, please spend little time with the one for The Hayes Company,, which talks about pre-geezership commerce, in which I still occasionally dabble, and which is woefully behind in maintenance. Instead, try this one:, which talks about a hobby combined with Carol’s antiques business which has evolved into a nearly full-time pursuit and prompted us to write four books about it. The fourth, Pottery of the Southwest, from Shire Publications (a bunch of hobbits in Oxford, England) is due out in the spring. Yes, I still do the occasional ad-related job, actually have a couple of active clients, and have even built a couple of brands that we haven’t got around to putting on the THC site, but the calendar is ticking. As I approach octogenarian status, it becomes increasingly difficult to pass myself off as a fresh young talent. Once again, Carol and I promise to try to make the October reunion, but once again, no guarantees. Our attendance record makes the promise seem a bit hollow, but despite our abysmal efforts in the past, we can at least send our love to you all.

Allan Hayes

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