Geezers Gallery 51

Allan and Carol Hayes

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And a 100% authentic candid snap­shot of us on our way home from the Southwest.


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I have to confess that my Geezer­ship has been honored more in its absence rather than by its obser­vance, but I actu­ally do continue to geez forward, even though I never manage to make the reunions (which always seem to conflict with wedding anniver­saries, family birth­days and so forth). Since you asked for a website, please spend little time with the one for The Hayes Company, www​.thehayescom​pany​.com, which talks about pre-geezership commerce, in which I still occa­sion­ally dabble, and which is woefully behind in main­te­nance. Instead, try this one: www​.summer​hou​sein​di​a​nart​.com, which talks about a hobby combined with Carol’s antiques busi­ness which has evolved into a nearly full-time pursuit and prompted us to write four books about it. The fourth, Pottery of the South­west, from Shire Publi­ca­tions (a bunch of hobbits in Oxford, England) is due out in the spring. Yes, I still do the occa­sional ad-related job, actu­ally have a couple of active clients, and have even built a couple of brands that we haven’t got around to putting on the THC site, but the calendar is ticking. As I approach octo­ge­narian status, it becomes increas­ingly diffi­cult to pass myself off as a fresh young talent. Once again, Carol and I promise to try to make the October reunion, but once again, no guar­an­tees. Our atten­dance record makes the promise seem a bit hollow, but despite our abysmal efforts in the past, we can at least send our love to you all.

Allan Hayes

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