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Bill and Nina Stewart

I worked mostly as an art director for various ad agencies in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco as well as some stints of freelancing along the way.

My first art job was with Douglas Aircraft in LA as a Tech. Illustrator while attending Art Center School in Hollywood. Even though it was a summer job, I still have many fond memories of my time at Douglas for some reason. Tom Gleason was my mentor at the time. I think we worked several summers at Douglas. After work we would always go body surfing at a near by beach. After art school, we started out in Seattle.

My first job was with Container Corporation of America as a designer in their Design Lab. Nina was freelancing doing editorial illustration and ad design for Arthur Morgan Interiors. Later, I worked as art director for two ad agencies in Seattle, Cole & Webber and Botsford, Constantine, and Gardner. BC&G later moved its headquarters to San Francisco and merged with its S.F. office, later to become Botsford, Ketchum. At that time I worked primarily on the Olympia Beer account. Nina’s freelance work included package illustration for Republic of Tea, Sunrise Home Interiors, story illustrations for Travelers Tales book series. After BC&G I joined with Kelly Nason Advertising, (Coors Beer) Christian Brothers Marketing Services, and Flair Communications (Dole Foods and Christian Brothers) We still do a bit of freelancing along with painting and some printmaking …..and still going to school, taking art classes at College of Marin.

Bill and Nina Stewart
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