Geezers Gallery 23

Rae Ecklund

Rae Eckland

Rae Ecklund paints in the traditional style of watercolor with the intent of expressing the subjects loosely and allowing the medium to offer its own surprises which watercolorists refer to as “forced accidents”. She is as comfortable with portraits and landscapes as she is with architectural interpretations.

Geezers Gallery 22

Fred Lyon
Fred captured and created the best known photographic icons of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Seven decades behind the camera haven’t dimmed Fred Lyon’s verve as he attacks his craft. This fourth generation San Franciscan apprenticed at age 14 at the Gabriel Moulin photography studio before enrolling in Art Center School in Los Angeles.

Geezers Gallery 21

Dugald Stermer Native of California; graduated from UCLA with a BA in both Art and English Literature. After working as design director for studios in Los Angeles and Houston, I served as Art Director for Ramparts magazine from 1964 to 1970. From then to now I have pursued a free lance career, first as a magazine designer (Harper’s, Oceans, Sierra, California Living, etc.) and then, for the last twenty years, as an illustrator.