Geezers Gallery 22

Fred Lyon
Fred captured and created the best known photo­graphic icons of San Fran­cisco and the Bay Area. Seven decades behind the camera haven’t dimmed Fred Lyon’s verve as he attacks his craft. This fourth gener­a­tion San Fran­ciscan appren­ticed at age 14 at the Gabriel Moulin photog­raphy studio before enrolling in Art Center School in Los Angeles.



Geezers Gallery 21

Dugald Stermer Native of Cali­fornia; grad­u­ated from UCLA with a BA in both Art and English Liter­a­ture. After working as design director for studios in Los Angeles and Houston, I served as Art Director for Ramparts maga­zine from 1964 to 1970. From then to now I have pursued a free lance career, first as a maga­zine designer (Harper’s, Oceans, Sierra, Cali­fornia Living, etc.) and then, for the last twenty years, as an illustrator.