Art Directors and Artists Club of San Francisco

Before the club became the “San Francisco Society of Communicating Arts”… the “Art Directors and Artists Club of San Francisco” had many annual “Miniature Auctions”.

I contributed a number of miniatures and…I even was, one to run the art around the audience so they could be viewed up-close as each was being auctioned. It was all great fun in those days.

Then we had a “Larger-Than-Miniture Auction”.

Here are two of the posters/mailers created by Mike Bull.



The ADASF logo, created by Bill Hyde.

And, a photo of Adele Smith…who pulled together, all of the club’s events such as The Annual Show and Guest Speakers. Adele kept the membership of ADASF up to date, arranged the club’s Board Meetings and even referred artists to possible job placements.

Like those days, so long ago…Adele and I keep in touch.
Ann Thompson