Art Directors and Artists Club of San Francisco

Before the club became the “San Fran­cisco Society of Commu­ni­cating Arts”… the “Art Direc­tors and Artists Club of San Fran­cisco” had many annual “Minia­ture Auctions”.

I contributed a number of minia­tures and…I even was, one to run the art around the audi­ence so they could be viewed up-close as each was being auctioned. It was all great fun in those days.

Then we had a “Larger-Than-Miniture Auction”.

Here are two of the posters/mailers created by Mike Bull.

The ADASF logo, created by Bill Hyde.

And, a photo of Adele Smith…who pulled together, all of the club’s events such as The Annual Show and Guest Speakers. Adele kept the member­ship of ADASF up to date, arranged the club’s Board Meet­ings and even referred artists to possible job placements.

Like those days, so long ago…Adele and I keep in touch.
Ann Thompson