Thanksgiving Print

Todd Miller

We were presenting a “Thanksgiving print advertisement” to the client, Pacific, Gas & Electric Company. I forget the headline, but the black & white illustration showed a drawing of a turkey talking to a pig. A cartoon dialogue balloon pointing to the pig said, “I’m glad it’s you and not me.” The turkey was seen to reply, “Wait until Easter….you’ll get yours”.

The client read the print ad and, with great business-like authority, he spoke, “We can’t do this. Pigs don’t talk to turkeys, and turkeys don’t talk to pigs…. pigs talk to other pigs and turkeys talk to other turkeys. I tried to keep from laughing. Speechless I just nodded in agreement. (I knew the client was mistaken because sometime in the mid-1960’s, I’m sure I heard my narrow-minded dog laughing and making surely comments to my cat, who I had just tie-dyed a lovely red, green and purple).