Even More Creatives As Models

Knock, Knock…Who’s There ?

The direct mail piece below, was designed by Tom Gleason for the Art Direc­tors and Artists Club of San Fran­cisco.

Tom said that this was “Lunchtime fun at Bob Strohmeyer’s studio, featuring some typical S.F. street people!”

In those days, our San Fran­cisco adver­tising commu­nity was a small and close group. Most jobs were accom­plished within the city among artist, retouchers, photog­ra­phers, art services and agency talents who might meet as they walked to or from restau­rants at lunchtime. They could be brought together easily for another example of “creatives as models”.

With the help of Tom Gleason, who was there at our Gath­ering 2013,

I have iden­ti­fied all except one creative/​model.


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Credit line for direct mail :

Design : Tom Gleason. Copy : Hal Partelow. Photog­raphy : Bob Strohmeyer. Retouching : Jack Doonan. Type : Griffin Typog­ra­phers. Printing : Peter Wells Press. Paper : Blake, Moffitt & Towne.