Even More Creatives As Models

Knock, Knock…Who’s There?

The direct mail piece below, was designed by Tom Gleason for the Art Directors and Artists Club of San Francisco.

Tom said that this was “Lunchtime fun at Bob Strohmeyer’s studio, featuring some typical S.F. street people!”

In those days, our San Francisco advertising community was a small and close group. Most jobs were accomplished within the city among artist, retouchers, photographers, art services and agency talents who might meet as they walked to or from restaurants at lunchtime. They could be brought together easily for another example of “creatives as models”.

With the help of Tom Gleason, who was there at our Gathering 2013,

I have identified all except one creative/model.


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Credit line for direct mail:

Design: Tom Gleason. Copy: Hal Partelow. Photography: Bob Strohmeyer. Retouching: Jack Doonan. Type: Griffin Typographers. Printing: Peter Wells Press. Paper: Blake, Moffitt & Towne.