An Ode to the “Presentation”

An Ode to the “Presentation”
An Illustrator, graphic designer or photographer might relate to this poem. We all know—a “layout” is the plan that shows an art director, art studio, client, etc. —what to expect in when the “finished art” is delivered. It usually takes an understanding of the project and careful thought following the initial instructions. Often many adjustments are needed to sketch all the ingredients in the right places and to present them clearly so that there is agreement between everyone as to what to expect when the job is done. One may have toiled (possibly overnight) on the layout that had explicit original instructions— only to find that the presentation of that creation was found to be lacking a few elements.
“Ok, With Corrections” Author Unknown.

OK with corrections


This self-promotion was designed and produced by Jane Olaug Kristiansen Graphic Design. Jane wrote: “This was printed sometime in the mid to latish 70’s. My big account, Fred Maxwell of Maxwell Galleries on Sutter St., died and I was worried about the new owner and if he would continue with me. So “OK” was born. All turned out ok. Wound up with representing 8 galleries along with keeping Maxwell’s with the new owner. Representing so many galleries is the reason I collected so much art. At least 3 of them had trouble paying me so I took art instead of cash.”

A Follow-up from Finland I wrote to Jane Kristiansen, who played such a big part in NAVH (see previous post of 12-12-15). I wanted to tell her about something I had received in my holiday mail. There was this line from a letter from my relative in Finland: “My mother does voluntary work for NAVH in the Oulu area. She helps with walking stairs, clothing, being company on certain occasions, theatre and so on.”
Jane replied:
Hi Annie,
 “Lorraine Marchi would be very pleased to hear what is going on in Finland”.

A follow-up to the follow-up

The association for helping the visually impaired—in Finland—is ?the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI)

My relative got involved with visually handicapped through her church. The societies of Oulu churches are offering “friend activities” and my relative has the energy to participate.  She is serving coffee twice a month and helping with coats and stairs. There are post cards, calendars and little things from NKL, Näkövammaisten Keskusliitto. NKL also offers an access to a bank account to give some financial support to their organization.

Ann Thompson