Free-lancing, many styles, many locations.

This free-lance artist had the benefit of having varied clients, using many styles: illustrations, graphic design, humorous illustration and fine-art painting—and working at varied locations, as you will see, below.

Dick Moore
After attending the Chicago Academy of Arts in 1948-50, I then enlisted in the Navy for four years. After my discharge in 1954, I worked in a variety of art studios in Illinois, Oklahoma, and then Albuquerque, New Mexico where I began doing portraits of friends and painting in the surrounding Sandia Mountains.
Then in 1959 I moved to the Bay Area where I partnered with Fred Meinke who had a small studio on Sacramento Street and we began to build a reputation of an art service, which we called the Meinke-Moore art studio. We found a new location on Front Street and then moved again to Powell Street, near Washington Square. With this self-promo mailer, we sent out a full size paper “hopscotch”!


After 5 years I decided to continue working free-lance on my own in San Francisco. Fred and I remained the best of friends. During this period I was lucky enough to work with G. Dean Smith, a well-established designer who always managed to improve my work. We spent many years working on various projects, not the least of which were many years of billboards and bus cards for ABC’s Channel 7.

I moved to Muir Beach, Marin County, in 1967 where I continued to work on Dean’s projects. In 1969 I moved to Colorado, spent a year there and then came back to California and the Russian River area in 1970. In 1974 I moved to Hawaii and spent 7 years in Kona on the Big Island doing watercolor painting (as Richard Moore) and some small commercial projects.

I returned to the bay area in 1982 and continued to free-lance until becoming employed at Colossal Pictures doing animation background painting and moving to computer painting during a 6-year stay there.

I then had an opportunity at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic, painting in the computer for a 7-year period, lasting until 2004 when I retired and I still continue to paint and dabble in a few art projects.

And the beat goes on! So good, so far.

1. ABC Outdoor Boards—AD: G. Dean Smith, Illustrator: Dick Moore, 1960s
2. ABC Outdoor Boards—AD: G. Dean Smith, Illustrator: Dick Moore, 1960s
3. ABC Outdoor Boards—AD: G. Dean Smith, Illustrator: Dick Moore, 1960s
4. “Bonanza” (Bank Calendar for East Denver, Colorado)— Artist: Dick Moore, 1970
5. “human be-in” Poster (In an OMCA Collection)—Photographer: Lorin Gillette, Design/Collage: Dick Moore, 1967
6. San Francisco Magazine,“The Mark”, Cover—Artist: Dick Moore, March 1966
7. Sons of Champlin, Logo—Designer: Dick Moore, 1973
8. Keystone Lodge, Colorado, Banners— Design: G.Dean Smith / Dick Moore,1973
9. Paul Masson, P.O.P. tear-off—Agency: Brown Vintners, AD: David Reid, Artist: Dick Moore, 1969
10. Argonaut Insurance Co., Annual Report—Agency: The Wyman Company, AD: Don Carlson, Cover Artist: Dick Moore, 1963
11. Argonaut Insurance Co., Annual Report, Spot Illustrations, (same as above)
12. “SYBYLL” Book w/29 Illustrations, Cover and inside dust jacket—Author: Bea Seidler, Cartoonist: Dick Moore, Printer: Pisani Press, SF, ©1966
13. “Gemini” San Francisco Funky Features, Poster—Illustrator: Dick Moore, 1967
14. “End ‘o Steel”— Author: Glen Dines, Illustrator: Dick Moore, © The MacMillan Company, 1963
15. Chapel at Kalapana, HI. Greeting card. (Collection of the Dole Company)—Artist: Dick Moore, 1964
16. Retelling of a Jack London story—(Author and Publisher, unknown) Illustrator: Dick Moore, ©1964
17. Purity Stores, Newspaper ad—Agency: Hoefer, Dieterich & Brown, AD: Richard Wilson, Cartoonist: Dick Moore, 1962