Free-lancing, many styles, many locations.

This free-lance artist had the benefit of having varied clients, using many styles: illus­tra­tions, graphic design, humorous illus­tra­tion and fine-art painting — and working at varied loca­tions, as you will see, below.

Dick Moore
After attending the Chicago Academy of Arts in 1948 – 50, I then enlisted in the Navy for four years. After my discharge in 1954, I worked in a variety of art studios in Illi­nois, Okla­homa, and then Albu­querque, New Mexico where I began doing portraits of friends and painting in the surrounding Sandia Mountains.
Then in 1959 I moved to the Bay Area where I part­nered with Fred Meinke who had a small studio on Sacra­mento Street and we began to build a repu­ta­tion of an art service, which we called the Meinke-Moore art studio. We found a new loca­tion on Front Street and then moved again to Powell Street, near Wash­ington Square. With this self-promo mailer, we sent out a full size paper “hopscotch”!


After 5 years I decided to continue working free-lance on my own in San Fran­cisco. Fred and I remained the best of friends. During this period I was lucky enough to work with G. Dean Smith, a well-established designer who always managed to improve my work. We spent many years working on various projects, not the least of which were many years of bill­boards and bus cards for ABC’s Channel 7.

I moved to Muir Beach, Marin County, in 1967 where I continued to work on Dean’s projects. In 1969 I moved to Colorado, spent a year there and then came back to Cali­fornia and the Russian River area in 1970. In 1974 I moved to Hawaii and spent 7 years in Kona on the Big Island doing water­color painting (as Richard Moore) and some small commer­cial projects.

I returned to the bay area in 1982 and continued to free-lance until becoming employed at Colossal Pictures doing anima­tion back­ground painting and moving to computer painting during a 6‑year stay there.

I then had an oppor­tu­nity at George Lucas’s Indus­trial Light and Magic, painting in the computer for a 7‑year period, lasting until 2004 when I retired and I still continue to paint and dabble in a few art projects.

And the beat goes on! So good, so far.

1. ABC Outdoor Boards — AD: G. Dean Smith, Illus­trator: Dick Moore, 1960s
2. ABC Outdoor Boards — AD: G. Dean Smith, Illus­trator: Dick Moore, 1960s
3. ABC Outdoor Boards — AD: G. Dean Smith, Illus­trator: Dick Moore, 1960s
4. “Bonanza” (Bank Calendar for East Denver, Colorado)— Artist: Dick Moore, 1970
5. “human be-in” Poster (In an OMCA Collec­tion) — Photog­ra­pher: Lorin Gillette, Design/Collage: Dick Moore, 1967
6. San Fran­cisco Magazine,“The Mark”, Cover — Artist: Dick Moore, March 1966
7. Sons of Cham­plin, Logo — Designer: Dick Moore, 1973
8. Keystone Lodge, Colorado, Banners— Design: G.Dean Smith / Dick Moore,1973
9. Paul Masson, P.O.P. tear-off — Agency: Brown Vint­ners, AD: David Reid, Artist: Dick Moore, 1969
10. Argonaut Insur­ance Co., Annual Report — Agency: The Wyman Company, AD: Don Carlson, Cover Artist: Dick Moore, 1963
11. Argonaut Insur­ance Co., Annual Report, Spot Illus­tra­tions, (same as above)
12. “SYBYLL” Book w/29 Illus­tra­tions, Cover and inside dust jacket — Author: Bea Seidler, Cartoonist: Dick Moore, Printer: Pisani Press, SF, ©1966
13. “Gemini” San Fran­cisco Funky Features, Poster — Illus­trator: Dick Moore, 1967
14. “End ‘o Steel”— Author: Glen Dines, Illus­trator: Dick Moore, © The MacMillan Company, 1963
15. Chapel at Kala­pana, HI. Greeting card. (Collec­tion of the Dole Company) — Artist: Dick Moore, 1964
16. Retelling of a Jack London story — (Author and Publisher, unknown) Illus­trator: Dick Moore, ©1964
17. Purity Stores, News­paper ad — Agency: Hoefer, Dieterich & Brown, AD: Richard Wilson, Cartoonist: Dick Moore, 1962