All Working ”Commercially”

Maynard Dixon was known for his paintings. In 1999, PBS Antique Roadshow showed a Maynard Dixon painting appraised at up to $30,000. And on a recent update of that telecast (6-30-2014) it was valued up to $250,000!
Norm Nicholson alerted me to the fact that Mr. Dixon worked commercially, while in San Francisco—even illustrating Hopalong Cassidy books.

Many magazines in the early 1900s had covers illustrated by Mr. Dixon. (Click this link) ”Maynard Dixon Museum” it shows a very good selection.
I asked Norm if he had a couple of examples of his work when he was in the 728 Montgomery Street location.
1 These first four illustrations were a part of a Crown-Zellerbach promotional piece-—a joint effort—Bill Hyde, designer and Norm, illustrator.
2 They are followed by an ad for Consolidated Freightways for Burger Advertising Agency (which took the Butte Herrero & Hyde studio space).
3 Next, we show one of a series of ads for World Air Center—Agency: Richardson, Siegel, Rolfs & McCoy—ADs: Bob Penné and Barbara Judson. Norm: “I Think Barbara Judson was mainly a production person who worked for several agencies during her career. For some reason she acted as an art director along with Bob Pinné on that series of ads I did for World Air.
4 Illustration for Chevron Corp.Publication “Bulletin.” Norm: “I believe the machine in the painting for Chevron was a road paving machine that used Standard Oil products.”–AD: Max Landphere.
5 Illustrations for Princess Cruises (at that time, there were only two ships). —Agency: Gross, Pera & Rocky—AD: Jerry Huff
Nicholson illustrations—1 through 5A-5D

Others that I haven’t already mentioned that were in the Belli Building at that time were, Bob Bausch, Janet Jones, Paul Rupert, Richard L. Burns and Charles Matheny, and later, taking the Matheny location—Thom LaPerle was there designing annual reports.

Janet designed annual reports for Hexcel Corporation and California Dental Society, and collateral for Fireman’s Fund and Wells Fargo Bank, among others. She also created the identity, signage, billboards and brochures for Southampton builders in Benicia.

Paul Rupert had a one-room studio on the top floor of 728. One of his big assignments was a lot of promotional productions for Peggy Fleming—after she won the US Figure Skating Ladies’ Singles gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France.

Richard L. Burns was a partner in an advertising firm. During my first years of free-lancing from 1965 to 1968, Richard gave me a wide variety of assignments. Charles Matheny Advertising was also my other source of work—also so very convenient being in the same location.
Ann Thompson