All Working ”Commercially”

Maynard Dixon was known for his paint­ings. In 1999, PBS Antique Road­show showed a Maynard Dixon painting appraised at up to $30,000. And on a recent update of that tele­cast (6302014) it was valued up to $250,000!
Norm Nicholson alerted me to the fact that Mr. Dixon worked commer­cially, while in San Fran­cisco — even illus­trating Hopa­long Cassidy books.

Many maga­zines in the early 1900s had covers illus­trated by Mr. Dixon. (Click this link) ”Maynard Dixon Museum” it shows a very good selection.
I asked Norm if he had a couple of exam­ples of his work when he was in the 728 Mont­gomery Street location.
1 These first four illus­tra­tions were a part of a Crown-Zellerbach promo­tional piece- — a joint effort — Bill Hyde, designer and Norm, illustrator.
2 They are followed by an ad for Consol­i­dated Freight­ways for Burger Adver­tising Agency (which took the Butte Herrero & Hyde studio space).
3 Next, we show one of a series of ads for World Air Center — Agency: Richardson, Siegel, Rolfs & McCoy — ADs: Bob Penné and Barbara Judson. Norm: “I Think Barbara Judson was mainly a produc­tion person who worked for several agen­cies during her career. For some reason she acted as an art director along with Bob Pinné on that series of ads I did for World Air.
4 Illus­tra­tion for Chevron Corp.Publication “Bulletin.” Norm: “I believe the machine in the painting for Chevron was a road paving machine that used Stan­dard Oil prod­ucts.” – AD: Max Landphere.
5 Illus­tra­tions for Princess Cruises (at that time, there were only two ships). —Agency: Gross, Pera & Rocky — AD: Jerry Huff
Nicholson illus­tra­tions — 1 through 5A-5D

Others that I haven’t already mentioned that were in the Belli Building at that time were, Bob Bausch, Janet Jones, Paul Rupert, Richard L. Burns and Charles Matheny, and later, taking the Matheny loca­tion — Thom LaPerle was there designing annual reports.

Janet designed annual reports for Hexcel Corpo­ra­tion and Cali­fornia Dental Society, and collat­eral for Fire­man’s Fund and Wells Fargo Bank, among others. She also created the iden­tity, signage, bill­boards and brochures for Southampton builders in Benicia.

Paul Rupert had a one-room studio on the top floor of 728. One of his big assign­ments was a lot of promo­tional produc­tions for Peggy Fleming — after she won the US Figure Skating Ladies’ Singles gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France.

Richard L. Burns was a partner in an adver­tising firm. During my first years of free-lancing from 1965 to 1968, Richard gave me a wide variety of assign­ments. Charles Matheny Adver­tising was also my other source of work — also so very conve­nient being in the same location.
Ann Thompson