San Francisco’s Art Clubs 1958 — 1984

In 1958, the 10TH Annual Exhi­bi­tion of San Fran­cisco Adver­tising Art was a part­ner­ship of The Art Direc­tors Club and the Society of Designers & Illus­tra­tors. In 1962, the San Fran­cisco Society of Illus­tra­tors was founded. Some time before 1964, the San Fran­cisco Art Direc­tors And Artists Club was estab­lished. Then Bill Hyde designed the new logo and it became, in 1965, the Art Direc­tors And Artists Club Of San Francisco.

In 1971, after copy­writers and other graphic talent joined the club, the title became the San Fran­cisco Society of Commu­ni­cating Arts. In 1984, SFADC, the San Fran­cisco Art Direc­tors Club was located at Fort Mason.

Members Contribute Their Talents
Contributing to the success of these clubs, were the many members who offered their exper­tise, time and energy.
The 1967 ADASF Exhi­bi­tion Annual (6”x 6”)
These photos (credit for photos is unavail­able) show just some of those who contributed their assis­tance for the success of the 1967 event. (Adele Smith was paid, but she contributed much, much, more than her job description.)

Posters And Mailers
For annual exhi­bi­tions, special events and member­ship drives — various members created the design for each promo­tion and enlisted the generous help from copy­writers, typog­ra­phers and lith­o­g­ra­phers. Here are just a few as examples.

1 1966 ADASFCALL FOR ENTRIES” for the 17th Exhibition
Created by: Chris Blum, Typog­raphy: Timely Typog­raphy, Lith­o­g­raphy: Gordon Dettner Printers

2 1967 ADASFLUV-IN” Surprise Party for the club’s secre­tary, Adele Smith
Created by: Bill Hyde, Copy by: Alice Harth / Harriet Hunter, Typog­raphy: Reardon & Krebs, Lith­o­g­raphy: NAVH San Fran­cisco Printers

3 1967 ADASF “A NOBLEGESTURE’” Member­ship Offer
Created by: Ann Thompson, Typog­raphy: Reardon & Krebs Lith­o­g­raphy: Dobson, Inc.

4  1968 ADASF “eureka! a minia­ture gold rush!”
Created by: Gerald Melcher, Typog­raphy: Head­liners & Falk Typog­raphy, Lith­o­g­raphy: Pacific Lith­o­graph, Co.

Created by: Mike Bull, (No other credits available)

Created by: Ann Thompson, Copy­writer: Larry McDer­mott, Typog­raphy: Rapid Typographers,
Lith­o­g­raphy: Leisen­ring Printing

7 1969 ADASF & SF WRITERS CLUB “The 1969 Commu­ni­ca­tions Fair”, twelve page brochure
Created by: Jerry Huff (show chairman), Five full page illus­tra­tions: Ed Taber, Typog­raphy: Reprotype Studio, Lith­o­g­raphy: Peter Wells Press

8 1970 SAN FRANCISCO AD CLUB Request for avant-garde submissions
Created by: Primo Angeli (Included in a collec­tion of “Images Of An Era: The Amer­ican Poster” spon­sored by Smith­sonian Insti­tu­tion, 1976)

9  1969 ADASFGENISIS 1FILM EVOLUTION (An Exciting Collec­tion of Student Films)
Created by Mike Bull, (No other credits listed)

Created by: A.D. Perry Gorchov, Design & Illus­tra­tion & Hand-lettering: Dugald Stermer, Co-Design: Ron Chan, Lith­o­g­raphy: Cannon Press / Charles Douglas Litho