San Francisco’s Art Clubs 1958 – 1984

In 1958, the 10TH Annual Exhibition of San Francisco Advertising Art was a partnership of The Art Directors Club and the Society of Designers & Illustrators. In 1962, the San Francisco Society of Illustrators was founded. Some time before 1964, the San Francisco Art Directors And Artists Club was established. Then Bill Hyde designed the new logo and it became, in 1965, the Art Directors And Artists Club Of San Francisco.

In 1971, after copywriters and other graphic talent joined the club, the title became the San Francisco Society of Communicating Arts. In 1984, SFADC, the San Francisco Art Directors Club was located at Fort Mason.

Members Contribute Their Talents
Contributing to the success of these clubs, were the many members who offered their expertise, time and energy.
The 1967 ADASF Exhibition Annual (6”x 6”)
These photos (credit for photos is unavailable) show just some of those who contributed their assistance for the success of the 1967 event. (Adele Smith was paid, but she contributed much, much, more than her job description.)

Posters And Mailers
For annual exhibitions, special events and membership drives — various members created the design for each promotion and enlisted the generous help from copywriters, typographers and lithographers. Here are just a few as examples.

1  1966 ADASF “CALL FOR ENTRIES” for the 17th Exhibition
Created by: Chris Blum, Typography: Timely Typography, Lithography: Gordon Dettner Printers

2  1967 ADASF “LUV-IN” Surprise Party for the club’s secretary, Adele Smith
Created by: Bill Hyde, Copy by: Alice Harth / Harriet Hunter, Typography: Reardon & Krebs, Lithography: NAVH San Francisco Printers

1967 ADASF “A NOBLE ‘GESTURE’”  Membership Offer
Created by: Ann Thompson, Typography: Reardon & Krebs Lithography: Dobson, Inc.

1968 ADASF “eureka! a miniature gold rush!”
Created by: Gerald Melcher, Typography: Headliners & Falk Typography, Lithography: Pacific Lithograph, Co.

Created by: Mike Bull, (No other credits available)

Created by: Ann Thompson, Copywriter: Larry McDermott, Typography: Rapid Typographers,
Lithography: Leisenring Printing

7  1969 ADASF & SF WRITERS CLUB “The 1969 Communications Fair”, twelve page brochure
Created by: Jerry Huff (show chairman), Five full page illustrations: Ed Taber, Typography: Reprotype Studio, Lithography: Peter Wells Press

8  1970 SAN FRANCISCO AD CLUB  Request for avant-garde submissions
Created by: Primo Angeli (Included in a collection of “Images Of An Era: The American Poster” sponsored by Smithsonian Institution, 1976)

1969 ADASF “GENISIS 1” FILM EVOLUTION  (An Exciting Collection of Student Films)
Created by Mike Bull,  (No other credits listed)

Created by: A.D. Perry Gorchov, Design & Illustration & Hand-lettering: Dugald Stermer, Co-Design: Ron Chan, Lithography: Cannon Press / Charles Douglas Litho