Some of San Francisco’s Photographers

Some of San Francisco’s Photog­ra­phers plus Fred Sweger
Previ­ously I have shown photographs of photog­ra­phers: Ed Zak, Holger Kreuzhage, and Bob Skelton. Here is a small collec­tion of photog­ra­phers of the time.

Show Photog­ra­phers 1 through 9A&B
1- Jack Allen-So much to say, so limited this space / 2- Fred Lyon-Portraits of San Fran­cisco / 3- Milton Halber­stadt — A top “table-top” specialist / 4- Walter Swarthout-High fashion, natural portraits and captured beauty of dance / 5- Tom Vano, Jon Wells, Hank Fagliano and Morton Beebe‑A very successful team of talent / 6‑Tom Moulin-Expertise beyond the historic Gabriel Moulin Studios / 7‑Byron McGraw- Black and white photog­ra­pher and corpo­ra­tion pres­i­dent at “Copy Service” / 8‑Tom King-Personality photog­ra­pher for the Exam­iner, Amer­ican Pres­i­dent Lines and neigh­bor­hood musi­cians e.g.Bola Sete / 9A&B‑Chuck Weckler- Photog­ra­pher indoor and outdoor — in San Fran­cisco and out on the Sierra Moun­tains on November 41964

This collec­tion, below, was sent to me about two years ago from Kristofer Sweger and I somehow did not present it at that time. Kristo­pher has been very patient.
Hi Ann,? As promised, I am sending you some work-related pictures of or by my father, Fred Sweger.

Fred Color Man 1953

Announce­ment from Dickey and Harleen Studios in 1953 when Fred Sweger joined the firm. Left to right: Ed Dickey, Carl Harleen and Fred Sweger. At the time, Fred was one of a small number of people in the area who produced high quality dye transfer color prints. That may be why he is shown in the photo covered with cyan, yellow and magenta.

Show Sweger photos 1,2,3,and 4
1‑Dickey and Harleen Studios announce­ment of new phone number, circa 1958. Would this work nowadays?
2- 333 Sacra­mento Street, San Francisco
3‑Dickey and Harleen Studios front door, about 1960. The door color design was by Fred Sweger, ?possibly influ­enced by Mondrian, but using more than just the primary colors.
4‑The fourth photo is from 1950, during a rela­tively short period when Fred worked at Moulin Studios. Photo of Irving Moulin with Fred Sweger and another man in the back­ground, taken in 1950 at Moulin Studios.??

Best regards,??

Kris Sweger